Keystone Professional Pharmacy is a pharmacy service provider sensitive to the needs of the patients and the facilities.
Keystone Professional Pharmacy is a closed-door pharmacy which specializes in serving long term care skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, hospices, acute care/hospitals and group homes, as well as schools and camps.
Keystone also offers pharmacy management services for various government facilities in long term care, acute care/hospitals and behavioral health settings.  We can also assist with seasonal contracting needs and specialty pharmacy services.  Let us help better serve you today! 

Contracting with Keystone Professional Pharmacy  gives you, the customer,  access to “Premier” contracted rates with two major GPOs (Group Purchasing Organizations). Under our umbrella of services, procurement of thousands of items used day to day in your facility can be obtained conveniently and at discounted contract rates.  Our staff will work side by side with your purchasing department to identify opportunities to increase your “bottom line” and set up systems for order access internally. 
We are committed to assisting our customers in reducing costs, while providing superior services and a proactive approach to regulatory compliance.
Partnering with Keystone Professional Pharmacy will provide you with:
•    A professional company staffed with highly experienced and dedicated personnel qualified to meet the ever-changing healthcare issues that your facility faces today;
•    A flexible Pharmacy Services Program customized to meet the multi-faceted needs of your facility;
•    Customized clinical nursing and in-service programs;

•    Formulary development and implementation to provide cost-effective pharmaceutical care;

•    Group premier contract procurement opportunities under our contract umbrella;

•    Participation with facility committees of choice upon request including, but not limited to, psychotropic management and reduction, behavioral management, individual plans of care and facility quality assurance, QI and QM management.

•    An experienced IT Department which will oversee and assist with the implementation of your Electronic Medical Record (EMAR) Program.  Our billing management software is designed for complete compatibility for use by your facility's existing or new EMAR program.   ​