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Long Term Care Overview

Keystone Professional Pharmacy has extensive experience in long term care pharmacy services, serving nursing homes (skilled care facilities), assisted living (personal care homes), hospices, and group homes.  Our operating capabilities are based on a sophisticated computer system, tight financial controls, and competitive pharmaceutical purchasing ability. Changing reimbursement systems, as a result of Medicare Part A, Medicare Part D, Prescription Drug Plans, and Managed Care are clearly the most pressing issues confronting the extended care industry today. Keystone Professional Pharmacy is prepared to meet your facility’s specific needs with flexible, customized programs, including successful formulary management, electronic medical records, data analysis, electronic facility access to medical and pharmaceutical information, and disease state management.

Skilled Care / Assisted Living / Hospice Opportunities

Service… Service… Service 

All Long Term Care pharmacies are going to provide electronic medical records, formulary review, and consultant pharmacists.  However, Keystone Professional Pharmacy prides itself on service.  We will give you the number of deliveries you want, on the days you want.  Keystone will be available 24/7 to answer your questions, or assist with new admittances.  We pride ourselves on our service, and we will ensure that the service you receive is better than you have had before.  Our designed and implemented Keystone Triple Check System has allowed for zero med errors for several years.  We want to pass on that service to you. 

Custom Formulary Creation and Management

We at Keystone know that it is vitally important to continuously examine opportunities to save money at a skilled facility.  Our pharmacists and administrative team work with your facility to create a formulary which will provide the most cost-effective means of purchasing medication.  From there, our team will monitor and adjust the formulary with utilization and trend reviews to keep your costs low.  This not only helps your residents, but will effectively ensure that your facility is keeping its costs as low as possible.

Access to Medical and Pharmaceutical Information

Are you tired of calling the pharmacy for information?  We are available 24/7, but Keystone will also provide access to our medical and pharmaceutical patient information to your medical staff and nurses in real time to avoid having to call and wait for a response.  This is part of our added value services that we employ at Keystone.

Consultant Pharmacists

At Keystone, we ensure that our consultant pharmacists have the experience and the knowledge to review patient information to protect their health, and to simultaneously manage costs for the facility.  Keystone’s consultant pharmacists, staff pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians work with your team to create a complete, well-rounded team to meet the proper administration and purchasing standards necessary for the health, benefit and welfare of the residents and the facility.

For a full list of Keystone’s pharmacy services, give us a call today at 570.970.2200.


  • Customized Computerized Record Systems
  • Medication Dispensing Systems
  • Drug Regimen Review
  • OBRA Reviews
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  • 24 Hour Availability -7 Days per week
  • Participation on Facility Care Team
  • Allergy, Side Effects and Drug Interactions Monitoring
  • Pharmacy Outsource Management
  • State of the Art Automation and Technology
  • Emergency Medication
  • Development of Facility-Specific Programs
  • Consultant Pharmacist
  • Comprehensive Billing Services
  • Customized drug carts and delivery systems
  • Patient Care Profiles, MAR’s, TAR’s, and Monthly Physician Orders
  • Group Purchasing Opportunities
  • Mail Order Prescriptions
  • Express Overnight Prescriptions


  • Expert NHA and Nursing Services
  • Pharmacy Consultation Services
  • Flexible, Customized Treatment Programs
  • Analysis of QI and QM Pharmacy Related Indicators
  • Excellent Patient Education Programs
  • Customized Quality Assurance Programs
  • 24- Hour Availability -7 Days per Week
  • Infection Control Medication Therapy
  • Management Programs (MTMP)


  • IV Admixture Services
  • Parenteral Nutrition
  • Antibiotic Therapy
  • FDA Approved Therapies
  • Pain Management
  • 24-Hour Availability -7 Days per Week of Clinical Pharmacists and Nurses
  • Hydration Therapy
  • Enteral Nutrition
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