Welcome Camp Lee Mar Parents and Campers!

Camp Lee Mar Partners with Keystone Pharmacy


Keystone Professional Pharmacy or KPP (billing/corporate name is VPharm, Inc.) has been chosen by Camp Lee Mar to be their pharmacy provider for the upcoming session or season. Medication safety administration and storage is a top priority for KPP and your Camp. KPP has the knowledge and experience to provide the compliance packaging that the camp is requiring for all oral solid dosage form medications and OTCs.

A little bit about KPP: Our pharmacy has been servicing schools and camps for the past 10 years. With that experience, KPP is very confident in guiding parents through the process of coordinating with prescribers to assure prescription accuracy and with insurance plans to successfully get prescriptions reimbursed or navigate through claim rejections.

Camp Registration is an Easy Three-Step Process:

  1. Register:
    If you have a camper or campers taking medications you must complete the Camper Registration Form. First, you will input general information that applies to all campers TAKING MEDICATION. There is no need to register a camper with KPP if they are not taking an oral solid dosage form prescription or OTC medication. Prescription Insurance cards are uploaded during this part of the registration process. Credit card and FSA/HSA info is also obtained at this time. Registration is $70.00/camper. Order add-ons, OTC meds, and special request re-packs also carry fees. There is a discounted registration fee for more than 3 campers in one family. All fees are outlined below.

  2. Please Pay for Your Registration Fees :
    Pharmacy Registration is $70.00/camper. There is a discounted registration fee of $50 for more than 3 campers in one family. We provide a Secure Credit Card Payment Form for all Pharmacy Registration Fees. Late Fees apply after certain dates. All fees are outlined below.
  3. Fill Out the Medication Form:
    Thirdly, parents MUST complete the Camper Medication Form for EACH child. We ask you to please list all meds that you want KPP to dispense. Hand-written/signed prescriptions are uploaded during this part of the registration. Doctors’ offices may also send e-scripts directly to our pharmacy.

Please Note the Following:

  • Parents will be indicating what time of day a medication should be given. The times of administration are Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner, and Bedtime. Please choose the time of day closest to the time the med is administered at home.
  • Different doses of the same medication need to be entered separately, i.e., Ritalin 5mg take 1 tab at Breakfast and ½ tab at lunch should be entered as 2 separate entries.
  • The registration fees are per child and will be billed to your credit card separately as VPharm, Inc.
  • There are fees for new order add-ons, OTC Meds, and special request repacks. All fees are outlined below.

Guidelines for Compliance Medication Program

  1. Camps often require that all oral solid dosage form medications/OTCs be in compliance packaging (tablets, capsules, chewable tabs, and dissolvable tabs).
  2. All medications are dispensed in 30-day supply.
  3. Parents should complete the Medication Form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Your child’s meds are packaged as soon as the Camper Medication Form is received. If the med roll has to be repackaged due to an add med, change med or discontinue med notice, a repack fee applies. All Fees are outlined below.
  4. Medication changes are communicated to KPP via the ADD/CHANGE MEDICATION form available here. Please include a copy of the physician prescription unless e-scribed. After submitting the form, please email info@kppmeds.com, referencing your child’s name and birthdate, that a change has been submitted.
  5. PRN medications are filled for 30 days unless otherwise instructed and refilled only upon request.
  6. KPP does not fill Inhalers, EpiPens, Injectables, growth hormones, or Birth Control Prescriptions.
  7. KPP can’t fill specific medications as per insurance restrictions; however, KPP will repack these meds. Fees outlined below.

Fee Schedule

(Please note all charges and fees will be billed to your credit card as VPharm, Inc.)

  • $50.00 REGISTRATION FEE per CAMPER for any campers over 3
    – 1st Session late fee applied after June 2nd
    – 1st Session very late fee applied after June 7th
  • $15.00 SPECIAL REQUEST MEDICATION RE-PACK FEE (Med sent to KPP to repack or Medication Change form received late)
  • Insurance reimbursement less than pharmacy cost to purchase a medication will be calculated and an email notification with the fee will be emailed to the parent.
  • 4% Credit Card Transaction fee – actual rate depends on CC company’s rate
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) and Bill Pay- these types of payment are available through your bank’s On-Line banking and can be used in order to avoid credit card transaction fees.


Please direct any questions to KPP by calling 570-970-2200 Ext 3 and ask for Rosemary or Karen. You may also email info@kppmeds.com

Keystone Professional Pharmacy looks forward to being of service to you and your camper! Thank you!